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Getting Started

Start a water quality monitoring program!



1. You will need at least two volunteers per water quality monitoring site.

2. Budget resources.

To cover our costs, VA SOS usually charges a fee for training and certification. However - don't let that deter you! VA SOS can help you apply for grants to cover the costs of training and equipment. The costs associated with VA SOS monitoring are usually quite low compared to other types of water quality monitoring.

3. Choose one person that can help coordinate the monitoring program.

You'll need a dedicated point person to help select sites, help organize volunteers, and send reminders to volunteers for their quarterly monitoring. This one person will help ensure the success of your water quality monitoring program.


1. Check our listings on this website (your basin) to see if there is an organization in your area that already has a volunteer monitoring program you can join.

If there is no organization, Virginia Save Our Streams offers a free training session once a month in Rockbridge County for interested persons. You must sign up in advance for these trainings. Check our events page for dates.

2. Hook up with an existing community organization or local Soil and Water Conservation District

Let an existing organization set up a comprehensive volunteer monitoring program for your community.


Virginia Save Our Streams can help you begin a monitoring program.


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